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Nene Park's A.N.P.R. System and Fines

Parking fines and what to do if you have received one


For the first time in BMC/BL Rally history we have had to adapt to the new parking system at Nene Park, this year.

With this, we tried our best to inform everyone we could that this system was in place but unfortunately a few may have slipped through the cracks and may have recently received a parking fine from Nene Park..... but do not fret! If you received a fine please could you inform us as soon as possible, upon which we will ask for your number plate to cross match against our list taken on the day for non-prebooked and our database for prebooked and from there we can urge Nene Park to cancel the fine.


To be exempt from paying your fine you must remember that this only applies to Exhibitors and Traders only, unfortunately public are not exempt from fine payment (Nene Park has never been free to park for public and due diligence must be taken at all times! Signage all around the park warned of the new system and the fine system for parking non-payment)


Further information from Nene Parks parking system can be found    Here


                               Nene Park Parking Signage

Thank you for visiting our website. We have just finished with our 23rd year as the UK's best BMC/BL related car display and trading show!

We would like to take the time to thank the Stamford ATC 219th squadron for their help this year with the rally including set-up and pack down as well as general marshalling on the day! Thanks guys!

Many thanks to all that turned up to display some truly fantastic BMC/BL


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